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UC&SC Development Project - Final Phase Rugby Works

In line with the overall project programme the final phase of the works are taking place over the summer to improve our Rugby facilities after the hockey pitch was completed in October last year and the cricket nets were completed in April this year plus various facility upgrades such as fences, car park extensions and paths etc.


In the first half of this year UC&SC have been working hand in hand with URFC to agree and progress upgrade works, which due to receiving planning permission for the Rugby pitch floodlights in mid July has allowed us to  now kick things off fully with view of completing all works before the dark nights come in.


The works have been split into two phases consisting of facility upgrade (July / August) and floodlights (Aug / Sep) due to lead in time on approvals and equipment with the plan for all works to be completed by the end of September.


A) Phase one facility upgrade works consists of the following:

- New goal posts
- Path extended to access pitch and green container
- Tarmac area added to front of container
- Lighting and power added to inside and outside of container
- Two 7 foot Boot cleaners and drinking fountain added to area in front of green container
- Litter bins added to facility entrance / exit
- Pitch levelled, holes filled and bumps flattened.
- Pitch widened and lengthened
- Pitch and training area seeded and fertilised


B) Phase two floodlight works consist of the following:

- Senior pitch floodlights added
- Senior pitch and training area lights zoned to give three illuminated areas
- Lighting controls added at entrance to rugby facility instead of hockey pitch


Overall these final development works will have seen every section and member benefit from our vastly improved facilities with the club delivering all works within agreed budgets so please let's all look after them fully.


Should you have any queries on any aspect of the development works or the club in general please feel free to email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .